By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Monday 12 January 2015
Many professional business media companies invest in efforts to quantify, qualify and prove the value of their media to business decision makers in order to support advertising and sponsorship revenue across their portfolios.
If big data is the ‘new oil’, then perhaps the new ‘rocket-fuel’ for B2B brands is intent data, which is being used to drive...

  • Buyersphere 2015

    By John Bottom , Base One Friday 23 January 2015
    The Buyersphere Report has become established as one of the most eagerly awaited and enlightening annual research projects in the B2B space. The reason is simple. It doesn’t tell you what marketers think: it tells you what buyers do. And the lat...
  • 5 Top Tips for Going Native in B2B

    By Maxus for Business, Wednesday 27 August 2014
    In a marketing world of continually declining click through rates and high demand for quality content, native advertising is frequently hailed as the rebirth of advertising. Yet B2B’s marketers have long faced the challenge of selling complex...
  • 3 Clever Ways B2B Marketers use Advertising to Drive Revenue

    By Demandbase, Demandbase Blog Monday 28 July 2014
    I am a data driven demand marketer at heart... demandgen is in my blood... so B2B display advertising historically was not a tactic I engaged... clicks... yawn... CPM... does not equal ROI... BUT getting in front of my target accounts with perso...
  • B2B Decision-making: Understanding the process

    By Carat Enterprise , Carat Enterprise News Friday 25 July 2014
    At the end of 2013, Carat Enterprise and Google undertook a research programme to better understand the decision making process for B2B purchases over €100,000 – in particular looking at what tools, formats, online and offline sources and commun...
  • How Microsoft collaborates with sales partners to engage B2B customers

    By Olivier Choron, CEO and Founder purechannelapps™ Wednesday 25 June 2014
    How to amplify content marketing through your B2B sales channel partners using social media
  • B2B Summit 2014: 19 of the Best B2B Marketing Takeaway Tips

    By Really B2B , Really B2B Blog Monday 23 June 2014
    On June 18 th approximately 400 marketers and business owners descended into The Brewery in London for the B2B Summit 2014, hosted by B2B Marketing. The day was filled with sessions from B2B marketing experts covering the hottest topics in th...
  • Making Innovation Work in B2B Media

    By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Wednesday 11 June 2014
    B2B media owners have always leveraged their special relationship with a narrow target group of business professionals created through their expertise and insight for the industry.  To ensure they stay relevant both to their readers – and t...
  • In It For The Long Haul: Why B2B needs Subscription Advertising

    By Demandbase, Demandbase Blog Wednesday 04 June 2014
    In the world of digital advertising, we're accustomed to planning campaigns by quarter or even month, which is a perfectly viable strategy if you're selling a pair of sneakers or a laptop. However, in B2B advertising, multiple, short campaigns s...
  • It’s official – in B2B, content is king

    By Andrew Daglish, Director Circle Research Saturday 31 May 2014
    It’s official.  Content is king. The latest B2B Marketing Benchmark report  produced in association with Circle Research reveals that 71% of B2B marketers consider content marketing to be a critical activity.  Last year less th...
  • 'We're not selling anything'. B2B content that entertains

    By Earnest, (Earnest Blog) Tuesday 27 May 2014
    When Worldpay said they needed a bit of content to drive leads, we knew we had to think differently to stand out from the noise. While content marketing is central to businesses inbound marketing strategies, our friend Doug Kessler was right...