By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Monday 12 January 2015
Many professional business media companies invest in efforts to quantify, qualify and prove the value of their media to business decision makers in order to support advertising and sponsorship revenue across their portfolios.
If big data is the ‘new oil’, then perhaps the new ‘rocket-fuel’ for B2B brands is intent data, which is being used to drive...

  • Hanley Wood's Journey to a Digital First Media

    By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Tuesday 25 March 2014
    Frank Anton, the Vice Chairman of Hanley Wood, opened the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin today with an insightful presentation on the dynamic and strategic shift he has led to turn the company into a digital first business.  For A...
  • Big Data Is Driving Content Marketing Strategy

    By Michael Brenner, Vice President, Global Marketing SAP Wednesday 12 March 2014
    According to a new report by Gartner, one-third of companies will face an information crisis within the next 3 years.  Direct Marketer News  reports that big data, social media and the proliferation across customer touch points...
  • The Week in B2B: New Growth, Old Struggles and Many Lessons Learned

    By Demandbase, Demandbase Blog Friday 07 March 2014
    Not a week goes by when marketing automation doesn’t factor heavily in B2B news. This week, a report titled Global Marketing Automation Software Market predicts that MAS will grown to a 1.9 billion dollar industry in the next six years. DMNe...
  • Five B2B Insights That Actually Mean Something

    By Demandbase, Demandbase Blog Thursday 20 February 2014
    Now that upward of 75% of the buying cycle happens online, there’s a lot of focus on the importance of website analytics. But as a marketer with limited time and resources, how do you make sure you’re not accumulating data for data’s sake?
  • Is there really no more B2B or B2C and only Human to Human (H2H)?

    By René Power, Business Development Director Barrett Dixon Bell Monday 17 February 2014
    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or offline, you will probably have seen this in one of your social media feeds and read about it. (It’s still very much doing the rounds on Linkedin.) Whether it’s a new idea or the dressing up of some...
  • Transforming B2B Media

    By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Wednesday 12 February 2014
    Marketers looking to market to professionals for branding, awareness and lead generation were dependent on media owners for access to support marketing communications with their industry, clients and prospects. How...
  • To B2B or not to B2B, is that the question?

    By Earnest, (Earnest Blog) Monday 10 February 2014
    Recently, B2B marketing has been suffering from an existential crisis. Last year, one well known voice maintained his belief that B2B had ceased to be altogether . His opinion being that, due to the prevalence of mobile telecoms and person...
  • How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Platform

    By Demandbase, Demandbase Blog Thursday 06 February 2014
    The phrase is painfully overused, but it’s hard to deny to that marketing automation has been a “game changer” for B2B marketers. And that’s not just hype: a recent Forrester Wave™ report on Lead-to-Revenue Management Platforms (L2RM) found...
  • Is The Corporate Website Dead?

    By Michael Brenner, Vice President, Global Marketing SAP Monday 27 January 2014
    According to some trend watchers, a little research, and a few live examples, the corporate website as we know it may be ready for some disruptive evolution.  To put it more plainly, the corporate website may be dying a slow and painful...
  • B2B Sales+Marketing: you end up talking to the person you sound like

    By Bob Apollo, Chief Disruption Officer Inflexion-Point Monday 20 January 2014
    Sales training traditionally encourages B2B sales people to “call high” - in fact, it’s hard to keep track of all the articles and publications focused on selling to the C-level (a simple Google search reveals over 100 million hits). “Thought...