By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Monday 12 January 2015
Many professional business media companies invest in efforts to quantify, qualify and prove the value of their media to business decision makers in order to support advertising and sponsorship revenue across their portfolios.
If big data is the ‘new oil’, then perhaps the new ‘rocket-fuel’ for B2B brands is intent data, which is being used to drive...

  • The B2B CMO Checklist for 2014

    By Earnest, (Earnest Blog) Friday 17 January 2014
    What should be at the top of every B2B CMO's agenda this year? Now the New Year is well and truly underway, many CMOs are bracing themselves for the challenges – big and small - that lie ahead in 2014.
  • 4 Digital Ad Trends That Will Shape Marketing in 2014

    By Demandbase, Demandbase Blog Thursday 16 January 2014
    2013 was a big year for ad tech. With impressive exits and significant technology advances, ad tech has proved it’s mature – and ready to keep growing. The next logical step in the evolution is, of course, the much-anticipated convergence of ad...
  • Which B2B brands do you most respect?

    By Andrew Daglish, Director Circle Research Monday 06 January 2014
    Which B2B brands do you most respect?   We recently posed this question to 100 marketing leaders in B2B companies. Two brands emerged head and shoulders above the rest: IBM and Salesforce. My interest piqued, I asked Xabier Ormazabal...
  • How to use social media for B2B lead generation

    By Luke Brynley-Jones, CEO & Founder Our Social Times Monday 16 December 2013
    There are two questions that I routinely get asked by B2B companies. The first is, “Is social media just for B2C companies?” When I tell them that social media is actually much more effective in a B2B environment, because it’s inherently more fo...
  • It’s Time To Act Like A Publisher

    By Michael Brenner, Vice President, Global Marketing SAP Sunday 10 November 2013
    I’m mad. I’m really mad and I'm not gonna take it anymore.
  • Digital circulation continues to grow for media owners

    By Glenn Hansen, President & CEO BPA Worldwide Friday 08 November 2013
    Digital circulation continues to draw the attention of consumer and b-to-b media owners as nearly 35% of the titles audited by BPA Worldwide are now reporting electronic editions, according to an analysis of audience data for the six-month perio...
  • How much does a lead cost?

    By Michael Brenner, Vice President, Global Marketing SAP Friday 08 November 2013
    The folks at Madison Logic just released an infographic that breaks down the cost of a lead across various industries.
  • What B2B Leaders think about brand, performance, team and personal reputation

    By René Power, Business Development Director Barrett Dixon Bell Sunday 03 November 2013
    The latest B2B Leaders report published by B2B Marketing makes for interesting reading as it provides a great deal of insight into the thoughts of senior marketers and their views on brand, performance, team and personal reputation...
  • Caterpillar's Digital Initiative

    By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Friday 01 November 2013
    Caterpillar is a traditional B2B company which has been in business for nearly a century, during which they have focused largely on events and printed brochures for marketing.   The global business has recently prioritised a move to di...
  • Making Technology Work for B2B

    By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Friday 25 October 2013
    B2B markets feature complex sales with a considered purchase and multiple influencers, and unfortunately technology meant to support sales and marketing often fails to deliver the hoped-for benefits.  Bob Apollo, CEO, Inflexion-Point Strate...