By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Monday 12 January 2015
Many professional business media companies invest in efforts to quantify, qualify and prove the value of their media to business decision makers in order to support advertising and sponsorship revenue across their portfolios.
If big data is the ‘new oil’, then perhaps the new ‘rocket-fuel’ for B2B brands is intent data, which is being used to drive...

  • Innovation in B2B Media

    By Michael Toedman, Managing Director B2B Syndicate Monday 30 September 2013
    B2B Syndicate connected with John Wilpers, Senior Director from Innovation Media Consulting after his presentation at the 39 th FIPP World Congress last week, to discuss trends and examples of B2B media innovation.
  • The B2B skunkwork project : Why B2B marketing needs a touch of innovation

    By Earnest, (Earnest Blog) Wednesday 18 September 2013
     A fascinating study of 400 top marketers by Forrester revealed a worrying state of affairs for marketing departments at large.
  • Webinars Place in the B2B Marketing Mix

    By Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Team, Adobe Wednesday 18 September 2013
    Are webinars a good lead generation tool and, if so, where do they fit in the overall B2B marketing mix?  As with most things, the answer to this is – it depends.  Once you’ve decided that webinars as a tactic belong in your mix for th...
  • The B2B marketer’s world is changing

    By Andrew Daglish, Director Circle Research Tuesday 03 September 2013
    It’s tougher being a marketer nowadays than it ever has been.  That’s what 73% of the 200 B2B marketers in the US and UK told us in the latest ‘What Works Where’ survey Circle Research conducted on behalf of Omobono.
  • What Are Your Future B2B Digital Media Plans?

    By Allan Schoenberg, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, CME Group CME Group Monday 19 August 2013
     If you missed it, in June PwC published a report about  where the digital media market is going  (Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2013-2017) and how companies should think about responding. While this is a report foc...
  • Putting the Bid into B2B

    By Marco Bertozzi, Executive Managing Director, EVP EMEA VivaKi Thursday 15 August 2013
    Insight from the head of VivaKi on programmatic buying and RTB for B2B
  • 2013 B2B Summit - B2B Marketing

    By Earnest, (Earnest Blog) Thursday 20 June 2013
    Takeaway's from B2B Marketing's 2013 B2B Summit from Earnest
  • Small data, big impact

    By Chris Wilson, Managing Director Earnest Agency Tuesday 11 June 2013
    IDM’s flagship B2B marketing event (this year entitled ‘Engage’) is always one to check out. Over the years there’s been some cracking speakers, and plenty of good debate about where the industry’s going - Chris Wilson provides his perspective o...
  • Can B2B Brands Inspire

    By Allan Schoenberg, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, CME Group CME Group Monday 10 June 2013
    When you think of five brands that inspire you which names come to mind? Now, how many of you thought of a least two companies that are B2B brands? When we think of brands that inspire us we may opt to only think of personal or B2C brands becaus...
  • What does brand trust mean in 2013?

    By Glenn Hansen, President & CEO BPA Worldwide Friday 07 June 2013
    In the age of the Internet, brand trust has had to expand its terms.  In addition to transparency, accuracy, and reliability, it’s important that brands add privacy and protection to the list of trust-building elements. Especially when it c...