3 Clever Ways B2B Marketers use Advertising to Drive Revenue

3 Clever Ways B2B Marketers use Advertising to Drive Revenue

I am a data driven demand marketer at heart... demandgen is in my blood... so B2B display advertising historically was not a tactic I engaged... clicks... yawn... CPM... does not equal ROI... BUT getting in front of my target accounts with personalized messages and being able to see real results of my key accounts perusing my website and content? Now that is display advertising I can get on-board with.

Display advertising continues to get more and more sophisticated, B2B display included. I love hearing about our customers clever campaigns and their real results including:

  • Using targeted display ads to improve renewals for their SaaS business'
  • Campaigns to their competitors accounts
  • Registration recruitment of key accounts to their annual events.

To learn more, watch the webinar: B2B Advertising Beyond Brand Awareness: How Display Can Drive Revenue  (recorded on August 19, 2014) with heavy hitters:

Avanish Sahai, Chief Product Officer at Demandbase
Robert Ray, President Americas, DWA
Eric Wittlake, Sr. Director of Media at Babcock & Jenkins

Written by Shari Johnston, orginally published on Demandbase blog.