B2B Mobile

B2B Mobile

Are businesses unprepared for the mobile revolution?

There can be no doubt that the mobile channel has revolutionised the lives for those of us engaged in B2B businesses.  According to new research from Gartner , 33% of all Business Intelligence functionality will be used exclusively on handhelds by 2014.  

To those developing B2B enterprise messaging services or server side and native applications, this trend will raise few eyebrows.  But 2014 will feel like a long wait for the armies of field- based sales and operations teams working for multi-nationals and small businesses who are yet to experience the transforming effect mobile can and will bear on their working lives.  These staff are your foot soldiers - in daily contact with your customers.  Wearing their consumer hats, they’re conversant with smartphones, tablets and multi-channel digital world.  At work, they have the potential to embrace mobile-based solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and a sense of empowerment.

Whether engaged on selling ant-virus software to architects, EPOS solutions to retailers, plasma screens to nightclubs, or developing new business leads at industry events, today’s B2B sales people yet often struggle with antiquated and inflexible tools to showcase their wares and access customer records.   As mobile plays a key role throughout the customer lifecycle for B2C businesses - from customer acquisition, through customer retention, concluding with mobile transactions - the same holds true for B2B businesses. 

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