Better Demand Generation Marries Data And Content

Better Demand Generation Marries Data And Content

I’ve talked before about how big data is driving content marketing . And also earlier this week about how customer insights are becoming the main competitive differentiation between old-school traditionalists and modern marketers.

But somewhere rolling around in my head was a post about how in today’s digital and social world, data and content are the same thing, or they are parts of one another, or somehow closely related.

And then along comes Harte Hanks with their coverage  of data and content as the two key halves to the modern marketing brain. Brilliant!

They sought to answer how to bring these two 2 marketing practices together into one overarching demand generation strategy.

So they created this infographic visualizing the main considerations for bringing together the power of data and content to drive effective demand generation.

Click here for the complete infographic .

For them, data has 5 key aspects:

  • Data-driven strategy
  • Data quality process
  • Data Analysis
  • Targeting and segmenting
  • Data application to business challenges

And content also has 5 key aspects:

  • Content aligned to business objectives
  • Content quality
  • Content Creation
  • Conversion
  • Distribution

According to Harte Hanks, data and content act as a complete demand generation brain, combing the utility of improved data practices with the power of an organized content strategy.

This feature was originally published on the B2B Marketing Insider