Brand Purpose and Motorola

Brand Purpose and Motorola

Eduardo Corado, Global CMO, Motorola Solutions

Eduardo is CMO for Motorola Solutions, a B2B business which provides business and mission-critical communication products and services to enterprises and governments. This 84 year old business was created when Motorola split the company into Motorola Mobility (consumer focused) and Motorola Solutions (which is 100% B2B). 

At the time, the company owned over 30,000 patents and had substantial cash reserves, yet one of the most difficult issues was how to split the brand.  An Interbrand study conducted at the time indicated that 85% of the value of the brand was from the B2B side of the business, yet it was recognised that a rebrand for the consumer business would come at a very high cost, so it was decided that both businesses would continue to utilise the brand.  When Google acquired the consumer side, the Motorola Solutions team worked to develop a strategy to differentiate the B2B business, however quickly decided the more important question was one of brand purpose, or  ‘What does the brand really stand for?’.  

The focus on solutions for the market(s) the company served led to the current positioning for Motorola Solutions, of “We help people be at their best in the moments that matter”, a simple, but powerful purpose that provides focus for Motorola Solutions team and a promise to our customers and partners.  The ambition is to use this positioning to translate these values into leadership behavior, and tell stories that inspire in their internal and external communications.  The campaign features true stories to inspire from around the world, with a focus on education, solutions, value and access, and is a great example of a global brand using story-telling, content, and brand purpose to inspire employees, customers and prospects. 

One particularly interesting point Eduardo also shared was that given the importance of technology for marketing to support their business objectives, the company combined the IT and marketing teams reporting line so that both now report into the marketing function with a dotted line for IT to the CIO, emphasizing the importance of successful integration of marketing and technology.

Eduardo currently serves as the Chairman of the Business Marketing Association, and delivered the opening keynote for the BMA Conferece  Global Go & Grow, their inaguarial event in the UK on October 19th, 2012 in London.  The event was produced in cooperation with ABBA, and featured a number of BMA board members from the US who provided insight into B2B media and marketing from global brands, specialist B2B agencies and media.