In It For The Long Haul: Why B2B needs Subscription Advertising

In It For The Long Haul: Why B2B needs Subscription Advertising

In the world of digital advertising, we're accustomed to planning campaigns by quarter or even month, which is a perfectly viable strategy if you're selling a pair of sneakers or a laptop. However, in B2B advertising, multiple, short campaigns simply aren't as effective. As a B2B marketer, you face a more unique set of challenges that can't be effectively addressed with short-term advertising. Given the length and complexity of the sales cycle, subscription ad campaigns offer significantly greater benefits to B2B marketers in a number of ways.

Build Consensus with Stakeholders.

Whether your core products and services are IT infrastructure systems or an entirely new way of banking, odds are that the deal size is substantial. Making a significant B2B purchase requires the consensus of multiple stakeholders at a company. Getting all of those stakeholders on board often takes a while, which is one of the reasons the B2B sales cycle goes well beyond just a month or two and can often last a year or longer. Subscription advertising ensures that you're consistently getting your message in front of all the decision makers on a target account and more importantly, that the message mirrors the experience your target accounts have as they move through the funnel.

Better Feedback for Marketing and Sales.

Over the course of a subscription advertising campaign, both marketing and sales gain access to data that can provide critical insight for moving prospects through the funnel. You can learn which pages have the most engagement and get a clear picture of each account's level of education. This gives sales granular but powerful ammunition to take into the field. And the communication is a two-way street: sales can report back on what they're seeing in the field so that marketing can customize and optimize messages over the course of a campaign.

Ongoing Optimization.

The longer you have a campaign set up, the better data you have on the common behaviors associated with your ideal customer. For example, you can track the patterns of engagement and types of content consumed for accounts that close. Then, if you're doing site retargeting, you can automatically start an advertising campaign for all companies that exhibit similar onsite behavior.

Work With Partners, Not Vendors.

With every ad campaign you run, you go through the process of procuring budgets, going through paperwork, getting signoff, etc. When you partner with a company for a subscription campaign, you not only benefit from a more streamlined process, but the focus shifts from negotiating deals to ensuring that your campaign is optimized for performance at all times.

The old days of focusing the bulk of your time getting campaigns running are over. Instead, focus on whether your campaign is achieving your KPIs and making sure your sales team is able to use that data to help drive your target accounts to conversions.

In other words, it's time to subscribe to that new way of thinking.

Written by Rachel Balik, orginally published on Demandbase blog.