The 2013 B2B marketing department – survey results

The 2013 B2B marketing department – survey results

Three core tasks occupy today’s B2B marketers: arming the sales team with effective collateral and support; generating new business through lead programmes and supporting the brand’s perception and position in rapidly changing marketplaces.  Each of these tasks provides significant challenges around data and analytics; sales and marketing alignment; content creation and getting the right capabilities in-house to push a company’s digital agenda forward. (see infographic below - click to expand)

On this latter, but crucial point, how do you get the necessary talent to think through and execute a digital marketing strategy? According to the survey, some companies are choosing to upskill their exiting teams, with 57% claiming to have had some formal training, an approach that I have taken at RBI to good effect. With the knowledge and the skills, we have been able to push the digital agenda forward, investing in new technologies to enable far more targeted and specific communications – and greatly improve ROI.

So how does your B2B marketing department compare? Similar experiences, or completely different? We’re always keen to know.

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