'We're not selling anything'. B2B content that entertains

'We're not selling anything'. B2B content that entertains

When Worldpay said they needed a bit of content to drive leads, we knew we had to think differently to stand out from the noise.

While content marketing is central to businesses inbound marketing strategies, our friend Doug Kessler was right when he said the single biggest threat to content marketing is in fact, content marketing.

The problem is, in every industry, the market is flooded with copy-cat, dull, tired content.

So when Worldpay came to us with a brief to create a piece of content to whet the appetite of their audience, we knew we had to think a little differently.

The result was a short history of the weird and wonderful world of money across the globe.

It wasn’t selling a product directly. It wasn’t educating people of their businesses issues. It was just an entertaining spin on the campaign message – ‘Pay Any Which Way’

And it paid off - the piece turned out to be the most popular item of content on the campaign site and had over double the viewing time of everthing else - driving direct requests within the first week.

Take a look at the slideshare yourself. It was fancinating to research and write, and hopefully twice as interesting to read.

Written by James Wood, originally published on the Earnest blog.