B2B Syndicate

B2B Syndicate

Michael Toedman

Managing Director


United Kingdom

B2B marketers and agencies looking to market to professionals for branding, awareness and lead generation were dependent on professional B2B media owners for access to support marketing communications with their industry, clients and prospects.  However the marketing mix has shifted dramatically for B2B brands, with increasing levels of budgets moving away from expensive offline tactics to more measurable and ROI-driven channels.   Indeed B2B spending continues to see double-digit growth year-on-year. 

While B2B marketers continue to need to reach specific purchase decision makers with complex and long buying cycle, and multiple influencers, they are no longer reliant for ‘access’ from media owners alone.   Increasingly B2B brands are engaging with prospects directly through earned and owned media, with the performance of advertising measured in part by the ability to drive engagement within a greatly expanded mix of integrated marketing services, data and business intelligence.   

This transformation is redefining the industry, as well as the relationship between B2B brands, their agencies, and media owners.  B2B Syndicate provides B2B professionals in marketing and media:

  • A global community of B2B marketing and media professionals from B2B brands, specialist agencies, consultants and B2B media owners.  
  • A platform to feature insight from leading B2B expert practitioners, as well as best practice/case studies, research and reports.
  • A thought-leadership and professional development program providing training and accreditation specific to B2B
  • A consulting and advisory business devoted to international B2B media, marketing and brands, providing practical research, data and intelligence, with strategic advisory and practical support for B2B media owners, consultants/agencies, and B2b brands

For more information on B2B Syndicate, or to contribute content to www.b2bsyndicate.com, contact Michael Toedman