Business Marketing Collective

Business Marketing Collective


United Kingdom

B2B Marketing and the Association of Business to Business Agencies (ABBA) have joined forces to create the Business Marketing Collective (BMC) – a new organisation aimed at driving the B2B industry forward, raising standards, providing leadership and enabling co-operation and collaboration.

Why an Association?

B2B marketing employs over 100,000 people in the UK and we need a dedicated Association that champions B2B and provides a ‘big tent’ for all practitioners to gather, network, learn and further our profession.

The Business Marketing Collective will uniquely provide a single voice to our industry.

What will it do?

The Business Marketing Collective is here to connect everyone in B2B – brands, suppliers and agencies (ABBA, the Association of B2B Agencies, will be absorbed into the new organisation). This means enabling a better understand and partnership between clients and their agencies and helping us all to work together, better.

We will be supporting and building best practice in B2B, pushing for ever higher standards.

The Business Marketing Collective is a not-for-profit organisation that will give us a unified voice – lobbying on matters that affect us and raising the profile of B2B. This will in turn attract new entrants to the profession and make B2B a career destination to be proud of.

And as part of this we will deliver, in partnership with B2B Marketing, quality, fit for purpose training, networking and events to help everyone’s career and personal development

More details on membership and plans are on their website