Construction Marketing Association

Construction Marketing Association

1220 Iroquois Ave. Ste. #210

Naperville, IL


United States of America

Tel: +1.630.868.5061

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) is a professional group focused on a broad range of resources and support for marketers in the construction category. While there are many broad-based marketing associations and networking groups, no other association provides focused marketing training and information tailored to the nuances of marketing construction brands, products and services, or marketing to construction-related targets. No other association provides the depth of resources and programs for marketers in the construction category.
 Founded in the height of the recession in 2009, the Construction Marketing Association addresses the need for more effective, results-oriented marketing to combat the most severe economic environment since the depression. More importantly, the rules of marketing have changed dramatically in just the last few years, so to must marketers learn and embrace new strategies and tactics, or risk obsolescence.
 Today, the Construction Marketing Association is growing membership and resources, with regional and local chapters being established, along with specialized groups and sub-committees, many with leadership opportunities ( link to Chapter/Group and Committee list ). Our resources and membership benefits continue to grow with valuable information and specialized tools including a members-only Databank, Resource Directory, Career Center and Member Directory that more than pay for your membership. And our Construction Marketing Institute provides informative webcasts, conferences, training programs and the Certified Construction Marketing Professional ( CCMP ) program. All free to members, or at substantial discounts.

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