European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance

European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance

Dr. Oliver Gray, EDAA Director-General



The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance has been founded by a European industry coalition representing advertisers, the advertising agency sector, the direct marketing sector, the advertising network sector and the media sector.

EDAA’s principal purpose is to licence the ‘OBA Icon’ to companies involved in Online Behavioural Advertising across Europe. The OBA Icon is a consumer-facing, interactive symbol that links consumers to an online portal, , where they can find easy-to-understand information on the practice of OBA as well as a mechanism for exercising informed choice – if they so wish, consumers may ‘turn off’ OBA by some or all companies.

EDAA is governed by EU-level organisations which make up the value chain of OBA within Europe and acts to ensure consistency in the European self-regulatory approach. The EDAA’s guiding principles are laid out in the  Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe) OBA Framework  and the  Best Practice Recommendation for Online Behavioural Advertising  of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA).

The following organisations are governing bodies of the EDAA: