Fundamentals of Marketing B2B

Chartered Institute of Marketing

The B2B sector creates a number of unique challenges to marketers in a marketplace that invariably trends towards commoditisation. B2B organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of marketing’s role and contribution to achieving their performance targets. This requires marketing skills and knowledge that combine marketing strategy and tactics to successfully develop and deliver differentiated value propositions.

Benefits to you and your company

Employees will gain a practical understanding of what B2B marketing is, identify current best practice and look at the main techniques, tools and concepts that can be used to improve organisation growth, profitability and marketing effectiveness.

Who should attend?

Individuals who have direct responsibility for or involvement in, the marketing of products and services to businesses. It will appeal to experienced B2B marketers and those newly appointed to the marketing function. It will help those within other functions to contribute to marketing strategy. Directors and managers of smaller firms will gain an insight into the value of B2B marketing principles for their situation.

Learning outcomes

  • Apply the basic concepts and principles of B2B marketing.
  • Segment your customers and position your organisation in the marketplace.
  • Understand your markets and customers.
  • Manage customer relationship management.
  • Build a value proposition.
  • Understand product, service and channel management.
  • Develop an integrated marketing mix.
  • Identify current developments in B2B marketing.
  • Understand the relationship between marketing and sales.
  • Contribute more effectively to the marketing activities of your organisation.

Course content

Understanding the business market:

  • B2B vs B2C market.
  • Marketing orientation.
  • Knowing your market.
  • Defining the value proposition.
  • Market segmentation, targeting and positioning.
  • Product and service marketing.
  • Delivering value added solutions.
  • Managing business relationships.
  • Development of buyer seller relationships.
  • Understanding the network of relationships.
  • Customers relationship management.
  • Marketing strategy and planning.
  • Pricing.
  • Marketing communications.
  • Distribution.

Delivery style

The workshop combines input and discussion, case activities, articles and video to create an interactive learning environment that will support understanding and application of key B2B marketing concepts and frameworks. Contemporary examples will be provided across a variety of sectors to show how B2B marketing principles and best practice examples are applied.

Fundamentals of Marketing B2B
Chartered Institute of Marketing

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