IDM - B2B Elective programme

A focussed study programme of expert B2B tuition

The IDM B2B Elective programme involves two days of tuition which will be in addition to the IDM’s core Diploma syllabus. No additional assessments or exams will need to be taken as we assess your B2B knowledge within your final diploma exam.

The two-day elective programme delivers a practical and applied syllabus of latest thinking and insights into:

  • market research
  • customer data
  • leading nurturing through the funnel
  • content marketing in a digital world
  • next generation marketing automation
  • mobile marketing
  • social media
Venue: IDM - Teddington

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing is the UK’s only government-approved Institute for the professional development of direct and digital marketers, offering a broad range of practitioner-taught training courses and nine internationally recognised professional marketing qualifications . It is also a membership organisation, providing status, knowledge and networking opportunities to today’s senior marketers, and an educational trust , supplying learning materials to higher education alongside initiatives to help university graduates take their first steps in the marketing profession.