2013 Buyersphere Report

Since 2010, Base One have publishered the Buyersphere Report which provides insight into the motiv t ations behind supplier choices and the behaviours that characterise the B2B buying process. This unique report is based on response from direct questions of 500 seasoned B2B buyers in the UK, France and Germany, with fascinating answers, all detailing what they actually did in preparing for a recent large business purchase (qualified as over £20,000).

The Buyersphere is not only essential reading for B2B marketers, it is a unique and fascinating journey into the minds of the people who hold the budgets. Whether it challenges your thinking, opens your eyes to new possibilities for customer engagement, or simply confirms what you thought (and gives you valuable ammunition for your budget planning), the report is useful reading for B2B marketing professionals.

To see the full report go to: 2013 Buyersphere Report
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