B2B Leaders Report 2013

This report was designed to complement the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum event, and provides a distinctive view of marketing leaders and how they managed their reputation in four specific areas:

  • Their brand – how did they rate it relative to competitors’, and how well did they feel they’re managing their brand?
  • Their performance – how did they demonstrate their value and return on investment?
  • Their team – how did they ensure their team maintained a high skill level?
  • Their personal reputation – what makes a good B2B leader, and where did they feel they’re lacking?

Produced by B2B Marketing in association with Circle Research, the survey was conducted online during July 2013, and a total of 100 B2B marketing leaders took part. (including marketers who are either in the senior leadership team or report directly to them, and who are responsible for a significant portion of their organisation’s B2B marketing budgets)

To see the full report go to: B2B Marketing
B2B Marketing
B2B Marketing

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