The Reinvention of B2B Marketing

The Reinvention of B2B Marketing explores the changing role of marketing within the enterprise. It is based on a survey of almost 400 senior executives at organizations with revenues in excess of $250MM.

The research was conducted in partnership with  Sparks Grove .

The Internet has radically remade the way in which B2B products and services are researched, bought and maintained. This shift has brought about structural transformation at many organizations as companies try to meet new demands for responsiveness from potential and current customers.

This report looks at what transformation really means for B2B organizations, specifically focusing on the new responsibilties taken on by marketing and the changing relationship between marketing and sales. In doing so, the research identifies four categories of company and examines how each is built to deal with emerging challenges.

The report highlights include:

  • Why is marketing and its role in the enterprise changing?
  • Beyond increased revenue, what are the benefits of an expanded role for marketing?
  • How do successful organizations prioritize their resources? How does that process change along with the role of marketing?
  • The barriers to change center around leadership and strategy. 
  • Organizations that have gone through a transformation in the last five years describe a number of keys to success, led by a reorganization away from silos.
  • What should companies that want to change do about it? The report includes specific action sections for each of the four types of company.

The Reinvention of B2B Marketing - Table of Contents

  1. Introduction from Sparks Grove
    1. About Sparks Grove
    2. About Econsultancy
    3. Methodology
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Evolution
  4. The Forces at Work
  5. Defining the Right Role for Marketing
  6. The Impact of a Broader Role for Marketing
  7. Overcoming the Obstacles to Change
  8. Moving forward: Themes and Actions 
  9. Appendix: Respondent Profiles
To see the full report go to: The Reinvention of B2B Marketing

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